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Musixmatch Studio: All-in-one contribution tool available everywhere

AUTHOR: Musixmatch team

Say hello to the Musixmatch Studio, the new contribution tool 👋

Now you can enjoy the same experience across all devices: iOS, Android and desktop/mobile web.

New features

  • Drafts No worries anymore about losing your progress! A draft is saved every 10 seconds and stored for 24 hours.

  • Dark mode available (Turn your Mac or windows color scheme to dark)

  • You can skip the initial countdown Just click anywhere

  • Copy and paste Work well in the Edit tab

  • No need to have the Spotify app open on desktop

New shortcuts

We also introduced some new shortcuts to speed up your work flow 🚀 You can find a list of all the available shortcuts in the more menu.

  • 7 switch to edit tool

  • 9 switch to sync tool

  • Cmd/Ctrl + . switch tool

  • Tab play/pause whole song

  • Shift + Tab go back 3 seconds

  • Cmd/Ctrl + s manually save draft

Have fun with the new tool 🌺

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