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AI-powered tools for podcasters: Chapters, Summary and Learnings

AUTHOR: Musixmatch team

We're thrilled to announce fresh additions to our suite of AI-powered tools for podcasters: Chapters, Summary, and Learnings. Together, these features bring your podcast episodes to a new level of accessibility, engagement, and insight.

What's New?

  • Chapters: Organize your content into digestible sections, enabling listeners to jump to specific topics effortlessly.

  • Summary: Provide a snapshot of your episode's key highlights.

  • Learnings: Share a Q&A-based reflection on the main insights from your episode.

Ready to Elevate Your Podcast?

Chapters, Summary, and Learnings are now available inside the Podcasts Studio.
Looking to effortlessly structure your content, capture key highlights, or reflect on your episode's insights? Our suite of AI-powered tools is here for you.

Look up your episode on Musixmatch Podcasts, and edit your episode on Podcasts Studio.

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