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Faster onboard for Publishers with Musixmatch Pro

AUTHOR: Musixmatch team

With our Musixmatch Pro platform taking shape, we've created a new experience for publishers to partner with us. Publishers who would like to distribute lyrics to various music services, and collect the respective royalties, can now sign-up directly at Musixmatch Pro (Beta).

The new registration process is being further automated to speed up access to all our services and tools for publishers. Soon, you will be able to submit lyrics and ownership information in bulk, within just a few days from your registration with Musixmatch.

Musixmatch Pro for Publishers has also been updated with new features:

  • while indicating your copyright shares on songs, we can now find the publisher IPI number automatically;

  • a safety message has been added to provide guidance in case you'd like to claim copyright on multiple songs with different songwriters.

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