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“Who’s singing?” This is the answer.

AUTHOR: Musixmatch team

Have you ever found yourself wondering, "Who's singing?" while listening to a great song? Well, wonder no more! Musixmatch's Performer Tags now make it super easy to identify the artists behind the music, with a simple tap.

With Performer Tags, you can discover the performers behind your favorite songs, right on the lyrics, perfectly synced with the music. No more searching through metadata or relying on external sources. It's all there at your fingertips.

Performer Tags allow you to explore the discographies of artists, discover new collaborators, and gain a deeper appreciation for the performances that make up the songs.

Calling all music superfans! You can also contribute to the Musixmatch catalog by tagging performers using the Curator Studio tool. Help shine a spotlight on talented artists and enhance the overall music discovery experience.

Download the Musixmatch app today and experience the magic of Performer Tags. Get ready to connect with your favorite music and the incredible artists behind it.

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